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Guardian Angel wife’s reveals the secrets behind her age-defying physique

By Rajab Zawadi December 6th, 2023 2 min read

Renowned gospel singer Guardian Angel’s wife, Esther Musila, aged 52, has unveiled the recipe for her curvaceous physique and youthful appearance.

The mother of three attributes her stunning looks to a combination of factors, including her genetic makeup.

“I think how I look also has got to do with our genes. Go out and check any Kambas; we are blessed,” she shared in an interview with HotTopics.

Discussing her body transformation, Ms Musila-Mwaka disclosed that she used to have a slender figure.

However, as she entered her 50s, significant changes occurred, leading to a curvier physique.

“I used not to be like this (curvaceous). I had always been a little bit slender. You should see my TBT photos from my 30s and 40s,” she said.

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“I gained all this weight during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Because we were spending most of the time at home, I got into a little bit of eating. But again, when you get to your 50s, there is always hormonal change. You tend to gain a little weight here and there,” she explained.

To maintain her physique, Musila places great importance on regular exercise.

Drawing on her lifelong love for dancing, she shared, “I have always loved to dance since I was little, so back then, I would play myself music and just dance. I still do dance but now at the gym. I don’t do weight; dance is all I need.”

In terms of her diet, Musila ensures she practices moderation.

“I don’t do bread or gluten foods most of the time. I prefer my oats with water any day. I also don’t have a sweet tooth, so sugar is not a bother. I drink a lot of water and eat lots of vegetables as well. In most cases, I eat two meals a day, and I am good,” she added.