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Shock as defiled minor’s guardian ‘forgives’ suspected offender for fear of being ‘haunted’

By BARACK ODUOR December 1st, 2017 3 min read

The guardian of a 15-year-old girl who was defiled in Homa Bay County by a boda boda rider shocked her neighbours and police when she declared that she had forgiven the suspect.

Even after medical reports indicated that Ben Orage, 30, had defiled the minor, the victim’s aunt, who is a public health officer, said she was not interested in pursuing case.

She added that “they have resolved” to forgive the offender.

The guardian claimed that she was a Christian who did not want to see someone languish in jail because of her.

“I am a Christian and after consulting the minor’s parents and my own parents, we have decided to forgive the offender,” She added.

She added that her father who is a police officer had warned her against pursuing the matter because the suspect may ‘haunt’ her if he is jailed.

The defilement took place at the guardian’s house which is located in an estate within Homa Bay Town.

“Despite confirming that the incident took place inside my house, my father who is a police officer has warned me against pursuing the case because the suspect may haunt us if he is jailed,” claimed the guardian.


The boda boda rider, who has had the public health officer as her client for five years, took her to work and then returned to her house to find the minor performing house chores.

When the  Nation visited the minor on Thursday, she narrated how Mr Orage rode her aunt to work then came back to the house and demanded for a massage.

The suspect then closed the door and drew the window curtains before taking her to the bedroom.

After defiling her, Mr Orage fled as the minor sought help from a high school teacher who reported the matter to Homa Bay Police Station.

The minor, a standard seven pupil at a primary school in Siaya County, had visited her aunt in Homa Bay town during the school holiday after a house help, who was hired by the aunt fled to unknown destination.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Marius Tum confirmed the incident, saying the guardian of the girl and the boda boda rider had persuaded investigators not to pursue the case as it can be settled out of court.

“The guardian of the minor has persuaded us to drop the case but we are reading ill-motive in her agenda. She could have been compromised to drop the matter,” said Mr Tum who added that they will arraign the suspect in court.


But according to Evans Oloo, a local rights activist, who brought the matter to the attention of the media, the suspect had been arrested and released under unclear circumstances.

Mr Oloo claimed that a police officer investigating the matter had urged them to stop pursuing the case because those offended were not interested.

“If the defiled minor is not interested in the matter, who are you to pursue it?” Mr Oloo said, quoting the officer.

Mr Oloo lamented that the incident happened as the country was observing 16 days of gender activism.

Mr Tum, however, told journalists that the suspect was released on a cash bail because he could not be held in police custody for more than 24 hours without being arraigned in court.

“The suspect is within our reach. We are going to arraign him in court over the nature of crime he committed,” said Mr Tum.

He said police are also investigating if the guardian, is of sound mind.

“We are also investigating the motive behind the minor’s aunt’s disinterest in the case,” Mr Tum added.