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Guardian: Esther Musila has turned around my music fortunes

By Rajab Zawadi November 19th, 2022 2 min read

Gospel singer Guardian Angel, 31, says his music has started making him some ‘serious’ cash since he met his wife, Esther Musila.

Sometime in 2017, the Nadeka hitmaker confessed that he pondered quitting music for good and relocating to Canada, where his mother resides.

His sole reason was that things had gotten tough, his music wasn’t making him money, and he didn’t see any sense in carrying on with the career.

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Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

By then, he had been in the music industry for seven good years but had yet to get the breakthrough he had expected.

“After being in the industry for some time, I felt like things had not picked up the way I wanted so I thought of quitting because at times you have a name but still struggling to meet your basic things such as paying rent.”

He revealed in a past interview.

Even after releasing Nadeka in September 2017, which was his first song, things started to shape up.

However, he says, it’s the entry of the 52-year-old Musila in his life that has made a major impact on his musical career.

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“When we met, she kept asking me who managed me and why I wasn’t well known for my music, why I wasn’t marketing and branding my music, and sought to understand the problem.

For instance, she had heard of my songs but never knew they were mine. My wife has brought into my music career the corporate management aspect of things, and I can tell you now I am making money.

Now I am in the music business, not the business of music I was in before.” Guardian explains.

Guardian met Esther through famous radio personality Maina Kageni who initially brought the pair to work on a music project, only for the two to end up falling in love.

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Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

“She was keen to understand why I struggled to market my music and offered to support me. My wife has been very close to Maina Kageni. She used to tell him, “They needed to do something to support my talent.” He added.

The two have now been married for two years. Musila is a successful career woman.

She worked as a banker in her earlier years before landing a lucrative job at the United Nations, where she worked for over 18 years as a civil servant.

At the UN, she has been involved in program management and running water and sanitation programs in Nepal and Lagos.

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