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Gubernatorial candidate speaks after being filmed slapping a woman

In a gubernatorial candidate in Murang’a County who was filmed slapping a woman in viral clip has given his side of the story.

Apparently, the man and woman in question are siblings and their heated argument, as captured in the video, arose from a property dispute.

Now, the man in the video, Mr Irungu Nyakera, says his difference with his sister, Ms Wambui Njoki, is a family affair that will be solved internally.

“I have no comment for now, we shall sort the matter internally,” said Mr Nyakera, who is eyeing the Murang’a gubernatorial seat on a Farmers Party ticket.

On Thursday when Nairobi News contacted the politician he shared a different video which did not capture him assaulting Ms Njoki.

In the initial video that went viral, Mr Nyakera and Ms Njoki are heard quarrelling over the ownership of a piece of land and some houses on that property.

Ms Njoki is heard complaining that she has suffered for long and in silence but it was time she spoke out.

“I have been thrown out of my house with my child and to culminate it all, in broad daylight. My brother, brought his body guard to my premises and together they beat me up!” she claims, adding that due to the embarrassment that she had undergone she was contemplating suicide

“Are you the one who built these houses? Is this your house?” she is heard asking the politician, who is dressed in a green t-shirt.

But Mr Nyakera responds by asking Ms Njoki whether indeed she built the houses and if the land they are arguing about belongs to her.

Another man is captured in the video holding Ms Njoki’s hand as the altercation gets uglier. Ms Njoki is then heard asking the man to stop holding her as she narrates how the brother allegedly stole from them.

She then slaps the man who refuses to let her go at which point Mr Nyakera reacts by slapping her.