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Gulf drama: Kenyan narrates how Lebanese boss brutally attacked her over a sim card

By Winnie Mabel January 16th, 2023 3 min read

A Kenyan woman on TikTok by the moniker Queen Jannie hopped onto the social media platform to reveal how her boss attacked her in Lebanon over a mobile phone sim card.

She revealed that she never expected she would be attacked by her employer and had never seen any signs in the duration that she worked for him that he would ever lay his hands on her.

“Hi, I know you people have been wondering what really happened to me. I thank God I’m safe. So this is what happened. The story began with a sim card. My boss brought me a sim card- a Lebanon sim card- he gave me as a gift.

So, he went and called the office and said that I spend too much time on the phone, and he said many other things. When the office called me to tell me that my boss was complaining, I decided to give him the sim card back.

I removed it from my phone and went to give it to him. I told him ‘I don’t think I need it anymore’ and he asked me why I was giving it back when it was a gift he had given me.

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He told me to give him my phone so that he can remove the house Wi-Fi password and I gave it to him and left the place where he was.

Suddenly, he slapped me on my back and I wondered what I had done wrong to him. Then he began beating me- I was really beaten as if he had a grudge with me but he didn’t tell me- he even took hold of my neck to strangle me. The children then began screaming in fear as I cried out.

The old man really beat me. The next thing, I don’t know what happened but I lost consciousness during that beating. When I gained consciousness, I found my Lebanese agent had come to the house.

It’s like they called him after I lost consciousness and they thought I might die in their house and they would be in trouble. The agent came and found me bleeding and he didn’t say much. He was very shocked, he took me and told my boss he would take me with him,” said Jannie.

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The duo left the house as the agent assured her she was safe. To stop her from continuing to cry, he threatened that he would return her to the old man’s house and she immediately stopped crying. She was asked if she wanted to be placed in another home or to return home to Kenya, and she chose Kenya.

“Since that day, my former boss kept calling and saying they want me back because it was just anger. I told my agent I won’t go back to that house.

My body was badly injured and I didn’t see how I could work in another place. Those people, it’s like they had an issue with me because among all my friends whom I’m close with, I was always telling them that for the past few months, my employers had been behaving weirdly with me.

They had unexplainable behaviors. They were just looking for issues to place on me. It’s like, with these people, when you are almost completing your contract, they look for issues to make your life difficult,” added Jannie.

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She also advised her friends and Kenyans working in Gulf countries to be very careful with their employers because like her, she never imagined her employer would brutalize her because they had never had any issues between them.

“I never expected it at all. Yes, the old man might say he was angry – because he normally has bad anger issues until he also beats his children in the house- and then when he calms down, he starts regretting why he did something like that.

That is how they lost me, let them stay there and suffer- let them suffer before they find another house girl. I decided to go home and rest my body because I will never go back there. I’ve really suffered enough in that house,” concluded Jannie.

In other TikTok videos, she revealed that she was recovering from a tumor in her chest and that her back still hurt. She is scheduled to return to Kenya any time today, January 16, 2023.

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