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Gun drama: Comedian Henry Desagu narrates how 5 guns ended up on his table while out clubbing

By Winnie Mabel January 23rd, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan comedian Henry Desagu stunned fans when he revealed how a celebrity moment left him looking at five guns on the table where he sat while out clubbing with friends.

Speaking to Iko Nini TV on Saturday, January 21, 2023, Desagu said a female fan had approached him for a photo but the man who had been with the young woman who wanted the photo sternly warned him off before matters escalated.

Comedian Henry Desagu.
Comedian Henry Desagu. PHOTO | COURTESY

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“For me, I have one experience that happened in a club. We had gone to a Mugithi (a Kikuyu music event) and we were seated with my friends and then this girl came up to us and told me ‘Hi, there is a girl over there, my cousin, could you come and take a selfie with her?’ And it’s a behavior that is growing.

You are seated there with your friends, drinking and you come and tell me, an artist, to come and take a selfie with you when you can come to me instead. So I told this beautiful girl ‘why don’t you tell her to come here and we’ll take the selfie?’ She said ‘no, she can’t leave where she is’ so me I followed the girl.

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Comedian Henry Desagu.
Comedian Henry Desagu. PHOTO | COURTESY

I got there and found her with a big man who looks like money. A mubabaz (older, moneyed man- often married) and as I arrived to where they were, I saw him shaking his head at me, warning me to keep away.

I looked at his body and concluded that if he punched me once would send me to heaven and you’d have to pull me back.

I turned and began going back to my seat. Now, as I left, I heard the young girl tell the mubabaz ‘if you don’t want me to take a selfie with him, then we are done and I’m following him’. The girl followed me and as I was about to sit, she got to my table and her mubabaz arrived behind her and removed a gun.

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Comedian Henry Desagu.
Comedian Henry Desagu. PHOTO | COURTESY

Unknown to me, at the table where I was seated, among the people I was seated with, about four of them had guns too.

So five guns were removed from where they had been concealed and I began asking myself ‘were these things being given for free somewhere and I’m the only one who doesn’t have one?’ Desagu told his hosts.

In reaction, many of the interview’s viewers wondered whether the story was real or was a tale told at khat dens.

Others said such incidents were rampant in Nairobi’s Westlands clubs while others wondered where in Githurai or Kayole this happened.

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