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Gun stolen in Thika recovered during search of wounded man’s home

Detectives in Thika on November 7, 2023, recovered a Ceska pistol that was reported stolen in Kahawa Sukari in January 2023.

The gun was found in the house of a wounded man in Makongeni, Thika.

The recovery of the pistol followed an alert from concerned members of the public who reported that an unknown man had been shot near Thika Level Five Hospital.

The assailant, who was driving a Toyota Probox, sped away after the shooting.

Upon arrival at the scene, police found the injured man and immediately rushed him to the hospital where doctors managed to stop his bleeding.

However, identifying the patient proved to be a challenge as he had no identification documents on him. He was also initially reluctant to give his name.

In response, law enforcement officials initiated a forensic identification process that successfully established his name. They then traced his residence to Gireki Plaza in the Kiganjo area of Makongeni, Thika.

During a search of the wounded man’s home, investigators found the stolen Ceska pistol which was loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition hidden under a carpet next to a stash of bhang.

Preliminary investigations suggest that this is the same gun that was stolen from a civilian gun owner in Kahawa Sukari in January 2023 during a robbery at a construction site, where the victim’s mobile phone and cash were also taken.

On the same day as the robbery, the two suspects responsible for the gun theft confronted three citizens in Landless Section 2. They robbed them of their mobile phones and money at gunpoint.

Ongoing investigations indicate a possible link between the wounded suspect and his attackers. Detectives suspect that there may have been an argument before the shooting.

The injured person, who is now considered a violent robbery suspect, remains under police guard pending his recovery, formal arrest, and subsequent arraignment.

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