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Gun under pillow goes missing: DCI cop detained for negligence in Homa Bay

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Homa Bay are probing the circumstances of how one of their own lost his firearm while asleep at a rental house in Kendu Bay.

The officer reported to his colleagues that someone might have sneaked into his house on Saturday night and took away his pistol which he was keeping under his pillow.

This prompted the other officers to detain him as the firearm got lost from his custody.

He is currently detained at Homa Bay police station and is expected to be charged with negligence.

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According to a police report, the DCI officer identified as Corporal Micah Chesang is attached to Kendu Bay Police Station in Rachuonyo North Sub-county.

The report said he was assigned the firearm, a ceska pistol serial number C172632 from the armory at his workplace on Saturday evening.

He then proceeded on duty that night.

His responsibilities included patrolling for surveillance purposes in Kendu Bay town.

Corporal Chesang undertook his duty successfully until he went back to his house at Konyango Sub-location in North East Karachuonyo Location at 10pm.

The house is located one kilometer from Kendu Bay Police Station.

According to the officer, he went to bed and placed the pistol under his pillow, which according to his bosses is a standard way of safely keeping a firearm.

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According to Homa Bay County Police Commander Samson Kinne, a firearm should be kept in the armory.

But in circumstances when an officer has the firearm, it should be kept within an arm’s reach.

“Whether it is a police officer or a licensed firearm holder, the gun should be kept at a place where it can be reached easily,” the police commander said.

He said in case of confrontation, the holder of the gun should stretch his or her hands and get a firearm, meaning the officer was keeping his weapon at the right place.

During his sleep, corporal Chesang woke up at 4.00am to go for a short call outside the house.

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But when he returned to the house a few minutes later, he discovered the missing pistol.

After realizing that his gun was missing, the officer went and reported the matter to Kendu Bay Police Station.

His colleagues visited the scene to investigate how the gun was lost.

Investigators discovered that the officer’s bed was adjacent to the bedroom window which was open at the moment.

Mr Kavoo said the officer is helping them with investigations.

“He will help us get more facts regarding the matter. We are holding him to enable us to get tangible information to recover the weapon,” the DCI officer said.

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