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How gunmen abducted Kenyan businessman in Tanzania

Kenyan businessman, Raphael Ongangi, who was abducted on Monday night in Dar es Salaam was in the company of his wife when the incident happened.

The 9:30pm incident happened when Ongangi and his wife Veronica Kundya were making their way home.

Three gunmen reportedly intercepted the couple at the intersection of Karume and Msasani road in the neighborhood of Oysterbay, right next to Ugandan High Commission.

Three men then entered their car and forced Ongangi’s wife to the back seat and then drove them to Safari Beach near Msasani fish market.


CCTV cameras at the scene of the incident showed there were three cars, two motorbikes and more men arriving along with the couples’ Land Rover Discovery Sport.

They moved Ongangi to another car and left his wife in the first car and left.

Sources who spoke to Nairobi News say Veronica was left with orders to wait for further instructions from the abductors.

They later called her and told her not to report the matter to the police or anywhere else and just go home.


Veronica however reported the kidnapping to Oysterbay police and later to the Kenyan High Commission.

Since then the abductors have not communicated with Ongangi’s family.

Mr Ongangi has been running a transport business between Dar es Salaam, DRC Congo, Zambia and Rwanda.

This is not the first time in the recent past to hear and read about abductions and kidnapping in Tanzania.

Last year, billionaire Mohamed Dewji was kidnapped in Dar es Salaam but was later released.