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Police hunting gunmen who stole dialysis machine in daring city hospital robbery

Police are looking for an armed gang of four who stormed in a city hospital and terrorised patients before robbing them and walking away with a dialysis machine.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Buru buru DCIO Jeremiah Ikiao said the four gunmen walked into John Lee Hospital in Shauri Moyo on Monday night and roughed up staff and patients during the daring robbery.

“On Monday night we received reports that a gang of four, who were armed with pistols and swords, robbed patients and staff at John Lee Hospital in Shauri Moyo before disappearing in the sprawling slum,” Ikiao said.

He added that they already had crucial leads on the identities of the suspects and that it is only a matter of time before they arrested them.


The police chief said the first pair of the gangsters walked into the facility at around 8pm pretending to be patients before they were joined by the other pair who told the security guard that they wanted to visit a patient.

“The other pair were denied entry after the security guard told them that it was past visiting hours, that is when they drew their weapons and forced their way in,” he said.

Police report indicates that there were about 100 patients admitted in the hospital at the time of the incident.

They gunmen ordered hospital staff into a room and locked them up before robbing their victims of cash, mobile phones and other valuables during an ordeal lasting about 40 minutes.