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Gunmen who shot Nairobi man 36 times demanded to be given a gun

By Nyaboga Kiage September 27th, 2022 3 min read

The assailants who killed a man in broad daylight on Friday a few meters from his house in Mihang’o in Utawala, Nairobi County could have been searching of a firearm, Nairobi News has established.

In a series of interviews conducted by Nairobi News, neighbours and friends who witnessed the fatal shooting of Mr Kevin Otieno said all the gunmen wanted was a gun, although it remains unclear whether they found it or not.

Ms Maryanne Wangui, the wife to Mr Alfred Odhiambo, who is the brother to the deceased, said that the men knocked at her door in the wee hours of Friday morning and demanded to be given a firearm.

“They entered the house and all they asked my husband was where he was hiding a gun, before they left with him,” said Ms Wangui.

She says since the men left with Mr Odhiambo the family has never heard from him and his phone has been off. The six men then left in two vehicles, a white land cruiser and a grey double cabin pickup.

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On Tuesday, Ms Wangui was together with Ms Mildred Aloo, mother to the late Mr Otieno and the missing Mr Odhiambo, and all they were hoping for was that all would end well.

Nine hours after the men left Ms Wangui’s house with her husband, they went to China Ndogo Plaza apartments in Kasarani where they also abducted a pregnant woman identified as Ms Eunice Nduku. She was bundled into a white land cruiser and has since been missing.

According to area residents who spoke to Nairobi News, the men had their faces covered with pieces of clothe.

“They had covered their face and it was very hard to tell who they were. They also checked inside her house as if they were searching for something before they left,” a neighbour said.

A video has since emerged of the men walking with Ms Nduku to the vehicle as others walked around the building.

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From Ms Nduku’s place, the men in the two vehicles drove straight to Mihang’o in Utawala where they shot Mr Otieno 36 times before they left.

When Nairobi News visited the scene where Mr Otieno was shot dead, area residents were reluctant to share what transpired for fear of reprisal by the assailants. However, some of the witnesses said Mr Otieno spent more than 30 minutes speaking on the phone before the men arrived.

“He was telling the person on the other end of the line to come to his house. He spoke for more than 30 minutes while a woman he was with stood and watched from a distance,” said one witness.

According to the witness, the first bullet hit Mr Otieno as he tried holding on to a mason who was building a toilet. He was then shot again and he fell to the ground. The men followed him and went on spraying bullets on him. Moments later, two of the men used drew a pistol that was concealed in his trousers and shot Mr Otieno on the eyes.

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“The men then asked two of us to hand over over phones, they also sprayed the two phones with bullets,” our source said.

Back at the house where he was residing, the caretaker said that a woman who didn’t identify herself went to the house and picked a few household items.

When Nairobi News contacted the father of the deceased, Mr Johanes Obinya, who lives in Busia County, he said that it was important for the family to know the woman who picked household from his son’s house.

Kayole Sub County Police Commander Mr Paul Wambugu confirmed that indeed the incident happened on Friday.

“Investigations are ongoing to establish the motive behind it and to apprehend those behind it,” he said.

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