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Guns turn on business rival who accused Tett of murder plot

The man who accused former Assistant Minister Betty Tett of planning to kill him is under investigations for possession of illegal firearms.

Andrew Laird White and his wife, Joy Akoth Mboya are under scrutiny at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations after they were found to have firearms that are not registered under the Central Firearms Bureau (CFB).

They were found to be in possession of Taurus pistols of serial Number THU02119 and THY88863 whose certificate numbers; 9718 and 9716, the CFB discovered belonged to one G. Nyamaku and M.Talaal.


Documents seen by the Nairobi News revealed that Mr White and his wife had arrived at the Central Firearms Bureau located at the Nairobi Area on November, 10, 2015, to renew licenses for the two firearms.

The licenses were set to expire on 25th November 2015.

The Chief Licensing Officer, CLO, Samuel Kimaru sent for their files and established that they did not have any file in the registry.

“It was further noted that the registered owner of the serial numbers 9716 and 9718 were for Mr G. Nyamaku and Mr M. Talaal who had actually registered the firearms two months before the accused persons had allegedly registered for the same,” a letter sent to the DCI by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions indicates.


When the discovery was made, Mr Kimaru ordered that the firearms be confiscated. The two were taken to the County Criminal Investigations Officer, who in turn gave orders that the two be charged with illegal possession of firearms.

The certificates are now at the government press for analysis after the Government Printers report revealed that the book where they were extracted was not genuine and the receipts for the renewal were fake.

Mr White was previously in the news after he alleged that Former Assistant Minister Betty Tett had enlisted the services of a hit-man to kill him. The relationship between Mrs Tett and Mr Laird was strained after the latter pulled out of an advertisement business deal they were operating together.

Mrs Tett was later cleared of the charges.

On Thursday, Mr Kimaru told the Daily Nation that he was aware of the case and that the DCI was investigating it.


He said the possession of a fake certificate amounted to illegal possession of an illegal firearm.

“Anyone found to have a fake certificate is charged and his firearm is confiscated from him. It’s a serious offense under the law,” Mr Kimaru said.

Contacted for a comment, Mrs Tett said she did not want to comment on the issue of illegal firearm and that she knew nothing about the allegations.