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Guys, eight compliments the Nairobi woman craves

May 12th, 2016 2 min read

The Nairobi woman may come off as self-sufficient. She may even tell you that she doesn’t need to hear you say it to believe that she is beautiful.

The truth however is that deep down, there are compliments that every woman wishes she could get. Here is a look into some of them;

1. Better than Mum – Everybody knows that for the Nairobi man, no woman can hold a candle to his mother. If a woman hears that she cooks or irons better than your mother, you will knock the air right out of her lungs.

2. You make me want to be a better man – Experts tell us that a woman can’t change a man. Still, every woman wants to believe that if she loves him enough, she can create a better man from the man that she has got. Tell her that she inspires you to be a better man and you will have made her month.

3. I love your honesty – Honesty is one thing that all men want from their women. It isn’t always an easy thing to give. If a woman is honest with you, acknowledge it. Tell her that you are impressed by it.

4. Can I get your opinion on this? – Yes, the Nairobi woman wishes that the man in her life would engage her in some intelligent conversation. She wishes that he could see much more than her great ass. Complimenting her on her brain like this maybe the most valuable compliment you ever give her.

5. You never cease to surprise me – When you say this to her, she takes it to mean that she is a very interesting person. This is a compliment on her personality. It is a valuable compliment because it calms her fears that you will get bored of her.

6. The double take – Every woman likes to believe that she can stop someone in their tracks. If you make her believe that she did, you will have won. Tell that you were driving by and you wondered who that woman with the pretty smile or the good hair was and sit back and watch the magic happen.

7. I love the way you do this or that – All the men around her notice physical aspects of her. They notice her body or how her hair looks. Only the men that are really paying attention however notice how a woman does something.

8. I’m proud of you – These four words communicate to a woman that a man is supportive of her. That he sees so much more than her pretty face. That he respects her accomplishments. Also, a man who can say this is one who can hold his own. It means that he is impressed but he isn’t intimidated by her.