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Guys, 8 Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples on a budget

It’s the season of love. It is also likely that your pockets are still reeling from your Christmas and New Year spending.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you and your significant other will not get to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here’s a look into date ideas for a couple on a budget:

1. Volunteer together – The best thing about Valentine’s Day this year is that it falls on a weekend. This means that both you and she are likely to be off work. How about you choose a children’s home or a health facility where you can both volunteer together for the day? I know, this might not sound very romantic but you will be surprised by how much good it will do your relationship.

2. In the house spa – Like all women, your woman likes to be pampered. You might however not be able to afford a few hours for her at the spa. The good news is that you can bring the spa right at home. Buy some scented candles, oils, run her a bath, give her a massage… this might turn out to be the best Valentine’s Day she has had yet.

3. Karaoke – Are you and your woman one of those people who just can’t sing even if your life depended on it? Yes? Then karaoke night is bound to be lots of fun for the both of you on Valentine’s Day. Go out, sing your heart out and have lots of fun and laughter while at it.

4. Hike – Nairobi is surrounded by tens of beauty spots where you and your partner can take a hike on Valentine’s Day. Karura forest for instance, which is just 20 minutes away from the CBD provides that private, serene atmosphere for romantic walks. You get to bond with each other as you enjoy magnificent views that these places provide.

5. See Nairobi – On a Normal day, everyone on the streets of Nairobi is usually hurrying somewhere. If you have lived here for a number of years, then you have forgotten the beauty of it. All you see is the hustle. How about taking Valentine’s Day out to just halt and appreciate the beauty that this city is? Visit the many beauty spots that this city has to offer.

6. Unplanned drive – This is for that man with a car and a little cash to fuel it. Instead of that expensive, overly planned weekend out of town, how about jumping in the car with your woman and just taking an unplanned drive out of town? Spend the night in the little town where darkness finds you.

7. Nostalgic movie night – Everybody has those three or four movies they watched that completely stayed with them. Instead of going to the theater to watch a new movie, how about looking for old movies that still strike a chord in you and staying in with your woman to watch them? You need not spend much and these movies will evoke many happy memories in you.

8. Go house hunting – Are you or your woman one of those people who love looking at empty houses? Yes? How about going house hunting this Valentine’s Day? Go out and look at houses that you can only dream of owning. While at it, share your hopes and dreams.