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Guys, eight insecurities holding you back in the bedroom

Yes, insecurities are not just a woman thing. They may not admit to it but men too have insecurities about themselves.

Sometimes these insecurities flow over into a man’s sex life. Here’s a look into insecurities that could be holding you back in the bedroom.

1. Your body – Men, just like women, sometimes also feel insecure about their bodies. Often, these insecurities are imagined rather than factual.

He may have a well sculpted body but still feel insecure about how she sees him. Am I well built? Am I too hairy? He will wonder. Being self-conscious definitely takes from a man’s sexual performance.

2. Shyness – Sometimes, a man will just be nervous about having sex. If a man is nervous or feeling shy, then he will definitely not bring his A game.

3. Lacking stamina – A man’s stamina is dependent on many things ranging from his diet to his general health status. A man is unlikely to perform if he is feeling unsure about his stamina.

4. Sweating – As much as it is a natural body reaction and there is nothing much that one can do to prevent it, men worry about sweating in bed. What most do not know is that a man’s sweat and that musky odor is a turn on for a lot of women.

5. What is she thinking about? – Women are known for their multi-tasking skills. This knowledge will make a man wonder from time to time whether his woman’s mind is still with him or if she already drifted and is somewhere shopping for shoes.

6. You are a moaner – Yes, just like women, some men are moaners. Interestingly, women find such men odd. The men know this. As a result, a man will approach each new encounter with apprehension. This is definitely not a healthy mindset for a fulfilling sexual encounter.

7. Worry about disappointing her – The greatest obstacle to a man’s performance sometimes is the fact that he is worried too much about pleasing his partner. Contrary to popular belief, a man worries about his partner’s satisfaction probably more than he worries about his own.

8. Is she faking an orgasm? – The fact that women fake orgasms is an open secret. Men worry about it all the time. The interesting thing is that when women fake orgasms, they think that they are protecting a man’s ego. When a man finds out, it has the opposite effect.

Learning that his woman has been faking it totally shatters his ego.