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Guys, eight mistakes to avoid for a great sex life

Sometimes the woes in your sex life come from without. Other times though, you are the cause of them.

The sad thing is that you may not even be aware of it. Here’s a look into mistakes you may be making which are negatively impacting on your sex life;

1. Failing to feed your libido – Yes, the foods you eat determine how high or low your libido is. The first step in protecting your libido ought to be settling for a diet consisting of libido boosting foods like sweet potatoes and avocadoes.

2. Not having a birth control plan – One thing that every grown man should have in his mind is that whilst women have safe and unsafe days, a man is never safe. This means that he should be involved in the birth control. That is the only way that both you and your partner can be at ease all the time.

3. Getting too intimate – While it might seem like a good thing, getting too intimate or overly familiar with your love interest might hurt your sex life. You can begin by locking the toilet door.

4. Leaving the TV – A lot of couples bond over TV time. It is great if you can enjoy some TV together with your partner. It is however a good idea to turn the television off when getting intimate as television playing in the background takes away from that feeling of closeness.

5. Unsolicited nudes – Some people like sending and receiving nude photos, others do not. Before sending your love interest your nudes, make sure that she is interested. If she isn’t, you could end up hurting your sex life.

6. Discussing past lovers – For some couples, full disclosure about their past works to improve their current relationships. The truth however is that discussing your past sex lives with your partner might hurt your present sex life.

7. Taking cues from porn – A lot of men imagine that the more porn you watch, the better your sex life gets. The truth is that watching porn could actually be eating into your sex life. Do not let porn take the leading place in your sex life.

8. Not washing your sheets – Ask any woman and she will tell you how much lifting of your spirits a clean fresh smelling bedroom will do. Getting a great sex life could be as easy as changing those sheets every other day.