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Guys, eight sex secrets women wish you knew

July 30th, 2016 2 min read

Women bond with each other by talking. Sadly, especially when it comes to bedroom matters, women rarely confide to the men in their lives. Here is a look into sex secrets the woman in your life wishes you knew;

1. You can’t rush it – The very first thing that the women in your life wishes you knew is fulfilling intimacy for a woman is one that isn’t hurried. If you rush through it, you will lose her somewhere along the way.

2. Foreplay can be the main course – Women just want to feel close to their significant other. There doesn’t need to be penetration for a woman to have an utterly fulfilling intimate moment.

3. Porn is misleading – She would also like you to know that all those things you see in porn movies aren’t what women in the real world like. If you want to please her, switch off that DVD machine and instead connect with her.

4. It isn’t always about you – If a woman turns down sex, men always take it personally. She would like you to know that most times, it actually has nothing to do with you. Before you conclude that she isn’t feeling you anymore, ask the right questions.

5. There is no one size fits all when it comes to intimacy – When it comes to intimacy, every woman is different. Instead of assuming that your woman is fulfilled just because your ex was, take some time to know your woman and the things she likes.

6. She would like to try new things – Before labelling her as frigid, ask her if she is interested in trying new things. Chances are that she is. She is just maybe shy about bringing up the issue. When it comes to intimacy, refrain from making any assumptions without talking to her first.

7. Displays outside the bedroom – She wants you to be playful with her, to touch her and to talk dirty to her outside the bedroom. Sex for a woman is a never ending journey. It doesn’t stop when the sexual act ends.

8. It isn’t work – A lot of men take sex too seriously. She wishes that you would stop being too serious, that you would stop being obsessed with your performance and instead just focus on enjoying the moment. It shouldn’t be that serious.