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Guys, eight things the Nairobi woman doesn’t want to hear on a first date

Keeping in mind that first impressions are lasting, your first date is your chance to make your best impressions on your love interest. While at it, here is a look into things that you must never bring up on a first date with a Nairobi woman;

1. I am the son of so and so – It is a good thing if you come from an influential family. Your heritage however isn’t something that you should be bringing up on a first date. This is because the Nairobi woman hates a man who name drops. He comes off as arrogant or trying too hard.

2. You remind me off my ex – I can’t think of another more off putting thing that you could do on a first date with a woman than comparing her to her ex. If you do this she will run because she will get the message that you are not over your ex. Even if she is a pitting image of your ex, do not bring it up.

3. I feel very nervous – It is natural to feel nervous on a first date but it is not something that you should tell your love interest. It is not attractive. When you tell her that you are nervous she will feel less attracted to you. A first date is a chance to man up.

4. I like your Facebook profile photo – When you bring up her online activity on a first date with a woman, she imagines that you have been stalking her. It is best to not to bring up her online activities. Only talk about them if she brings them up herself.

5. I hate my job – Do not say this on a first date even if it is true. A first date should be all about positivity. No woman wants to be stuck with a man who does nothing but whine all the time.

6. What is your favorite baby name? – Even if it was love at first sight for you, do not bring up the subject of marriage or babies on a first date. Men love women who can commit but if you are coming on too strong, then you come off as creepy.

7. I love you – This one is a no-no on a first date. No matter how fast this woman makes your heart beat, you can’t tell her that you love her on a first date. She will not believe you. The Nairobi woman doesn’t believe in love at first sight.

8. The number of people you have slept with – To begin with, the number of people you have slept with is private. Second, it definitely isn’t something you should share with a woman you are just beginning to see. Not even in the spirit of openness. It is wrong on so many levels.