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Guys, eight things that the Nairobi woman really fantasizes about

August 14th, 2016 2 min read

The Nairobi women is still grossly misunderstood. There have been all these stories and theories about what it is that she likes, fears or loves. A lot of these theories are wrong.

Here is a look into what it is that the Nairobi woman really fantasizes about.

1. Exhibitionism – This is one of the fantasies that the Nairobi woman has but will never, ever admit to. She has thought about being somewhere on a balcony or walking down a beach with just her birthday suit on. She has thought about how liberating that would be.

2. A submissive mate – The Nairobi woman definitely doesn’t want a submissive man for keeps. She has however definitely thought about what it would feel like if she were to be the one calling the shots both in and out of the bedroom, if only momentarily.

3. Men in uniform – There is something about men in uniform that the average Nairobi woman finds very alluring. She can’t quite put a finger on it and she won’t even admit it but it is there.

4. That he enjoys the thrill of a crowded mall – Women love shopping – that is not news. The one fantasy that the man in the life of a Nairobi woman does not know she harbors is that one of enjoying the trips with her to the mall. She knows he doesn’t enjoy it but she still thinks about what would have been.

5. Recording the action – Yes, she has thought about it. This however isn’t a fantasy that she is particularly keen on pursuing especially after seeing how fast these videos move once they are leaked on the internet. She has thought about it but she doesn’t necessarily want to do it.

6. The one that got away – Every woman has one. That one or two men that she almost got with but didn’t for whatever reason. She still fantasizes about what would have been.

7. Figures of authority – Yes, the Nairobi woman finds power very sexy. This means that each one of them has thought about what it would be like to date a particular powerful man. Don’t stress about it though, it is just a fantasy, not something that she intends to pursue.

8. Wilder times – It may not be what she likes on a day to day basis but the average Nairobi woman has thought about what it would be like if things got a little wilder in the bedroom.