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Guys, eight things the Nairobi woman will do if you break up with her

Breaks ups are hard. Even the most amicable ones are not easy. People deal with the pain that comes with the heart break in different ways. Here is a look into how the Nairobi woman deals with a break up;

1. Destroy your stuff – If a woman feels aggrieved, she might destroy your stuff in a fit of rage following a break up. She will smash your car windscreen or cut up your suits because it is easy for her to do and also because it provides her with a temporary reprieve from the pain.

2. She will bad mouth you – So you dated her for three years and promised her marriage and now you dumped her? Oh yes, she will bad mouth you. She will tell all your online friends, your friends and relatives and anyone who will care to listen just how much of a jerk you are.

3. Introduce herself to your other exes – You may be sitting there thinking that your girlfriend knows nothing about your exes. Try breaking up with her and you will realize that she knows where they work and where they live.

4. Try to make you jealous – If you hurt her, she will seize every available moment to show you just how much happier she is now that she is single. She will try to rub this happiness in your face. She will tag you in and sub tweet you in on those happy photographs of hers.

5. Leave you in debt – If you hurt her feelings, she might try and go all out to hurt you where it will hurt you most – your wallet. If the two of you were a well-known couple, she may try and get loans that she has no intentions of repaying with your name.

6. Have sex with your friend – Yes, she might sleep with someone in your circle after a break up. If she does, it won’t be because she likes him but just to get back at you.

7. Re-invents herself – Sometimes, after a break up, she will look inward into herself. Sometimes the changes she makes though, are drastic. She may cut off all her hair, move houses or even quit her job all in an attempt to get over you.

8. Stalk you – You might not see her but she will be right there in the shadows stalking you. She will see all the photos that you post on Facebook, she will know all your movements and if you get with someone else, she will know everything about them.