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Guys, eight things you are trying too hard that are killing the relationship

Women love attention, they love being chased and they like it when people do things for them. This is the truth. However, it is easy for a man who knows this to get carried away.

Here is a look into things that the Nairobi man does that makes him come off as trying too hard.

1. Being overly sexual – Women like a sensual man but it becomes a huge turn off if every conversation a man holds with a woman turns sexual. Try stimulating her intellect instead.

2. Making fun of his friends – If you resort to making fun of your friends in front of a woman, you should know that you are trying too hard. You should never feel the need to put another man down to be noticed.

3. Always in the neighborhood – If you are always dropping in on her and telling her that you were just in the neighborhood, you need to stop. She can read right through you and she doesn’t think it’s cute. She thinks that you are trying too hard.

4. Always asking her out – A normal human being should never be available all the time, even one who is trying to impress a woman. It sends the wrong message about you if you are always asking a woman out. Try having your own thing.

5. Drawing out the first impression – We all know that first impressions last long. That said, it speaks volumes against you if you are constantly dressing up for her just like you did the first time you met her.

6. Changing your appearance – You should never ever change you appearance to impress another. I am talking about wearing a haircut or clothes that you ordinarily wouldn’t wear. Other than the fact that doing this is giving up your individuality, it makes you seem as if you are trying too hard.

7. You interview her – When you meet that woman that you like, are you always asking endless questions about her life? You are trying too hard. Be interested but beware of crossing the limit.

8. Your boundaries – If you have let this woman walk all over you and cross your boundaries, you are trying too hard.