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Guys, eight things women say which mean other things

Women often say one thing when they mean another. That is not news. The trick is being able to decipher what she really means regardless of what she says.

Here is a look into things that your woman will say which actually mean other things.

1. Are you wearing that? – When your woman asks this question, you might take it to mean that she is just making sure that you are comfortable with your outfit. What this question means however is that you should go and change clothes immediately.

2. What is mine is yours – She will say this but you should know that this is a flat out lie. This isn’t how the Kenyan woman is raised, she looks up to the man as the provider. What she means to say is that what is mine is mine.

3. I just want a man who can make me laugh – A lot of women say this. What a woman who says this means to say is that she wants a man who can not only make her laugh but who is also sensitive, handsome, strong and financially stable.

4. I like you but… – If a woman begins a statement like this, what she really means is, I don’t like you. Very simple.

5. I need space – Women generally love attention and the company of others. When she tells you she needs space, what she probably means is that the two of you are about to break up.

6. I do not want to ruin our friendship, it is very special – When she says this, she simply means that you have been friend zoned and you will never see her naked.

7. That guy is hot! – if your woman says this about another man in your presence, what she probably means to tell you is that you are taking her for granted.

8. What did you just say? – This is your get out of jail free card. What she means is that you should rephrase what you just said.