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Guys, five ways to celebrate the women in your life

International Women’s Day is coming up. Here’s how you can make the significant women in your life feel special on the day.

1. Buy them a gift: This goes without saying. However, do be careful to find out what their preference will be, and make sure it is something they will enjoy.

2. Tell them what they mean to you: A compliment can go a long way towards making anyone feel appreciated, more so when it is genuine and comes from the heart.

3. Listen to them: Call them up, ask them how they are doing, and be present, attentive and open when they reply. Even strong women need a shoulder to lean on, and they hardly have one.

4. Throw a ‘strong women’ party: Get your girls and female loved ones together for a girls’ only day. You could have a picnic and a long drive, a barbecue or just dinner and drinks at your favourite restaurant while you trade stories and experiences.

5. Give her some me-time: Is she a mother? Offer to take the children for the day while she enjoys some spa- or reading time.