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Guys, foods that will get you in the mood this Valentine’s Day

Seeing as it is a celebration of love, every woman will have higher expectations in regard to intimacy from her man this Valentine’s Day. She will not be expecting the usual lazy routine.

Here are locally available foods that will ensure that you rise to the occasion;

1. Coffee – A cup of coffee needs to be what you wake up to come Sunday morning. Research has shown that a caffeinated man is more likely to seek out sex than a non-caffeinated man. That jolt of coffee maybe all you need to give her a memorable Valentine’s Day.

2. Green tea – Green tea is all the rage with Nairobi women nowadays because of its ability to boost weight loss. If you are looking to give your woman a memorable Valentine’s Day, you may also need to indulge in green tea. Catechins, the very compounds in green tea that aide weight loss also aide in blood flow to the nether region giving you a stronger erection.

3. Avocado – Yes, on Valentine’s Day, have some avocado with your lunch. Avocadoes are rich in Vitamin B6 which boosts the body’s production of serotonin, the happy hormone. The avocado literally puts you in the mood for sex.

4. Mint – You can find some mint leaves at you nearest supermarket. Bite into a few of them. A minty breath is one of the greatest turn-ons for women. Mint will make her want you.

5. Mangoes – The great news is that mangoes are in season. You can afford to buy a sackful of them. In addition to vitamin C, mangoes are packed with Vitamin E. While the Vitamin E is vital for a man’s stamina, the vitamin C increases a man’s sperm count. If you are seeking to get her pregnant as well, stock up on mangoes.

6. Melons – Melons are a natural Viagra. A melon fruit is packed with an amino acid called L-Citrulline. This amino acid converts to Arginine which boosts nitric oxide levels in the body subsequently increasing blood flow in the body to the nether regions.

7. Dark chocolate – If you are going to buy your lady some chocolates this Valentine’s Day, do not forget to bite some yourself. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids which reduce stress and relax the blood vessels allowing better flow of blood to your nether regions. The hormone phenyl ethylamine that chocolate contains will trigger in you a similar feeling as that of someone falling in love.

8. Ginger – If you will be doing the cooking this Valentine’s Day, you must not forget to add some ginger to the food. It will aide your relationship in two ways. First, the smell of ginger is a natural turn on for some. Second, it will boost your libido by increasing blood flow to your nether regions.