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Guys, pitfalls to avoid when marrying a woman from rich family

While it would be nice, we do not always fall in love with people with a similar socio-economic background as ours.

Sometimes we fall in love with a woman who is from right across the socio-economic divide. Should that happen to you, here’s how to make it work;

1. Intimidation – Do not be intimidated. This is easier said than done when the woman you have set your sights on is coming from a rich family. Being confident in yourself and in those things that you do right however is the only way that you can have a successful relationship with her.

2. The talk – The money talk and talk on financial responsibilities is definitely one you are going to have if you marry upwards. Face it head on. Do not shy away from it. While at it, be careful not to make money the center of your marriage or relationship. At the end of the day, all that will matter is how much you love each other and how well the two of you get along.

3. Honesty – When you realize that your love interest comes from a much wealthier background than yours, you may be tempted to lie about your financial status in a bid to keep up with her. This is wrong and it will only hurt rather than help your relationship. The first step to finding happiness with this woman is coming clean about your own finances.

4. How you treat her – Every woman seeks some sort of security from her man. This can be easily misinterpreted to mean that she is looking for financial security. If the woman you have set your sights on is from a rich family, she obviously has the money part covered. Try treating her like a lady. Hold doors open for her, kill bugs for her – show her and her family that you can take physical care of her.

5. How you manage your money – A woman from a rich family will not be bothered with how much you earn. She however will be very interested in how you manage your money. She will want to see you live within your means, to see you invest the limited resources you have wisely.

6. Your masculinity – Marrying upwards definitely requires that you maintain your masculinity. This woman will still need you to be the man in the relationship. Take charge of things, be the lead in decision making. Be the man in the relationship.