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Guys, seven secret reasons why women end relationships

Sometimes, the reason a woman initiates a break up is plain and simple. Sometimes it is as simple as her falling out of love or her realizing that the relationship is no longer serving her.

Other times though, it is more complicated.

Here is a look into other possible reasons that she initiates a break up.

1. She feels unappreciated – The Nairobi man mistakenly thinks that what a Nairobi woman most wants from a relationship is money. The truth is that what she wants most is to feel appreciated in a relationship. If she doesn’t, she will leave a relationship even with a good man.

2. He is hard headed – We all know that is unwise to go into a relationship expecting the other party to change. We also know that good relationships are about compromise. If you are in a relationship with a woman and you just will not meet her half way on anything, she will leave.

3. The bromance – The woman in your life sure understands the importance of your male friends in your life. She however never wants to feel as if she is second place all the times. Your bromace could be the secret reason that the woman you love eventually leaves you.

4. He works too much – The average man justifies his working too much by saying that he is out there making money for her to spend. This may be true but it isn’t how she sees it. The woman in your life wants you to make some time for her. If you don’t, then how much you are making out there ceases to be of importance.

5. He’s cheap – If you are cheap, if you never want to spend on her, she will not tell you about it. What is definite however is that she will get unsatisfied and she will eventually leave the relationship.

6. He is bad in bed – Sex is an important part of a romantic relationship. A woman you are in a relationship with might tell you otherwise in an effort to spare your ego. If she is unsatisfied in the sack, then she will leave but you may never know the real reason why.

7. She has already cheated – A lot of people imagine that a woman leaves a relationship because she is anticipating cheating. The truth is that she is more likely to leave a relationship because she already cheated.