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Guys, tips to successfully pick up women at the gym this weekend

The gym is an excellent place to meet the women of your dreams. You are already one foot in the door seeing as you already have a common interest with her.

Here are the dos and don’ts of meeting women at the gym.

1. Don’t interrupt her work out – When you interrupt a woman’s work out to introduce yourself, you send the message that what she is doing is not important. Do not do it. The perfect time to make the intro is after her work out. This way, you can get to compliment her on it.

2. Your wardrobe – Thinking of wearing those tight fitting trucks while going to chat up women at the gym? Well, don’t. They are not attractive. They make you come off as creepy. Even if you have a nice body, tight clothes communicate that you are trying to make up for something. Try some well-fitting outfits.

3. Don’t compliment her body – Even when her gym wear looks so good on her, you should refrain from complimenting a woman in the gym on her body. Chances are that she is highly conscious of her body and this might make the moment a bit awkward. Try finding another way into a conversation with her other than her body.

4. Leave the weights alone – A lot of men at the gym imagine that they can impress a woman by the amount of weights that they can lift. This only leaves a trail of injuries and embarrassing moments. How about showing her your personality instead?

5. The know it all – Do not become that man who acts as if he knows everything at the gym. Do not try to get to know her by showing her the mistakes that she is making or what she is doing wrong with the machines. This man is not attractive. Try asking her for help instead.

6. Do not touch her – So she has really toned biceps or that flat stomach? Do not ask her if you can touch her. Even worse, do not touch her without asking. This is utterly intrusive and it will not gain you any points with her.

7. The smell – Women love nice smelling men. This will never change even if she meets the man in a gym. Do not try to chat up women when you are all sweaty. No, you may have heard the opposite but the truth is that a sweaty smell is not sexy.

8. Don’t take aerobics – I know. The perfect place to meet a variety of women in this town is either a zumba, salsa or an aerobics class. This does not mean that you sign up for any of these classes. A man in a Zumba class comes off as girly. This isn’t the impression you are seeking to create. You can hang around the classes but do not sign up for them.