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Guys, tips to ask for naughty photos without offending her

Naughty photos from your love interest are one of the surest ways to bring back some spice into your relationship.

Unfortunately though, with all the leakages of such photos happening on social media, this can be a slippery subject to broach.

Here is a look into way that you can ask her for a naughty photo without rubbing her off the wrong way;

1. Be trustworthy – This is the single most important thing that a man seeking to send naughty pictures back and forth with his girlfriend should have. Be a trustworthy man. Let her be sure that if she sends you a picture, she will not be seeing it anywhere else.

2. Lead the way – If you want sexy photos of her, why not start by sending her a sexy picture of yourself? This will definitely get her thinking about it. Ultimately, she will want to share a picture of herself.

3. Make sure the relationship is in a good place – It is very artless to start asking for sexy pictures of a woman who you have just met. Before you can ask for this favor, you need to have been seriously seeing each other for a while.

4. Reverse psychology – What you heard about reverse psychology is true, it works. Tell a girl that her sending naughty pictures of herself will not work and then sit back and watch her send them.

5. Implant the idea – Do not ask her directly for a photo. Just suggest it to her. Suggest the idea of how sexy messaging will make your relationship much better. If you do it right, it is more likely than not that she will want to send you photos.

6. Feed her narcissistic inner persona – Compliment your woman on her body often. Tell her that it is the best one yet and soon enough, she will want to exchange naughty pictures with you.

7. Do not be judgmental – If you want your woman to play along, then you can’t afford to be judgmental. Do not talk negatively about women who send naughty pictures to their men, if you have negative opinions on the topic, keep them to yourself.

8. Make it fun – Ask her for pictures of her being funny, making faces, pouting. Remove the focus from the sexiness to the fun in the photos.