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Guys, too much sex may be bad for you – STUDY

We see sex as one of those things that one can’t have too much of. All we have heard in the past is how a healthy sex life is good both for your emotional and physical health.

If findings of a new scientific study are anything to go by, we have gotten it all wrong. Turns out that too much sex may be bad for you, after all. This is especially true for the men.

The study which has been published in the Internarial journal of cancer and which was commissioned by the Cancer Council of New South Wales in Australia found that having sex may increase a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer is the most common non-skin cancer amongst Kenyan men. Men who have sex with a lot of women are especially at risk.


The researchers found that men who have more than 7 sexual partners face double the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those who have only three sexual partners in their life time.

Another piece of bad news that the study unveiled is that men who have sexual contact with women before the age of 17 are also at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

Men who go through puberty earlier and those who have more than five orgasms a month are also at a higher risk.

Looks like the new formulae for men who want to avoid prostate cancer altogether is delaying the initial sexual experience, having fewer sex partners throughout their lifetime, and making sure to have less than five orgasms a month.