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Habida recalls keeping ‘distance’ working with newly wedded Nameless

Renowned singer and actress, Habida Moloney, recently took to social media to share a fascinating behind-the-scenes revelation about the making of the hit song ‘Sunshine’ in 2010, featuring legendary musician Nameless.

In an Instagram post that has since gone viral, Habida disclosed a unique aspect of the song’s production.

“This is another 12 years ago; on this song, I never shrubbed, I said ‘Sunshine,’ not ‘Sunsine.’ At that time, Nameless was newly wedded; he was not allowed to get close to me. We shot [the music video] as we observed [social] distance,” she revealed.

The singer posted a snippet of the 12-year-old song on her social media, sparking nostalgia among fans and creating a buzz around the intriguing backstory.

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In her post, Habida also touched upon the protective role played by Kenyan music producer and songwriter R Kay Mwana Abuja during that time.

She credited him with shielding her from unwanted attention, famously referred to as ‘team mafisi’ within the music industry.

Ntawepee story vile (I will narrate the story of how) R Kay Mwana Abuja always protected me from mafisi (sex pests) in the industry and how we met with rapper Cannibal and created the song ‘Reason’…just let me know which story from back then ntawapee (I can give you),” Habida stated, hinting at more untold tales from her past.

The artist has been candid about her experiences, particularly addressing the issue of sexual abuse. In a past interview, she bravely revealed being a victim of rape by an individual who had been stalking her.

Recounting the traumatic incident, she disclosed that she was a virgin at the time and had fallen prey to the perpetrator after getting intoxicated.

“One of them would tell me, I will get you one day. I was a virgin then. So one day, I got a little bit too drunk and the story is, he was taking me home. I never got home that night,” she said.