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Songbird Habida now reveals why she shared her nudes online

Songstress Habida has explained why she shared her nudes online in what she termed as a campaign to appreciate postpartum bodies.

In an interview on Citizen TV, the singer narrated how she hated her body after delivering her second baby.

“After my second child I went through postpartum depression. I’m one of those people who are never really aware when they are going through stress but this time I felt it and I was like wow, postpartum is a real thing and I was like I have to tell somebody because I have a voice,” she said.

The singer did a series of photos in a bikini with body art that mimicked stretch marks.

The last of the series! We are who we say we are l! not what you say …. Elle magazine …. I am beautiful! You are who you say you are! BEAUTIFUL!

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“My issue was I had a caesarean (section) and my body had skin hanging everywhere and stretch marks and I’m like ‘I’ve always been a size 8 what is this’ and my husband would be like ‘You are beautiful’ but I’m like ‘You are lying’,” she recounted.

“It would cause rifts and an issue with my son like my husband has a really close relationship with my son which is good but because I just couldn’t. I would look at him and almost think like ‘you did this to me’,”  she continued.

She further explained that this experience made her see the sense in help others going through similar experiences and that is why she did the shoot.

Habida, who is married to a Nigerian, has two children, a girl and a two-year-old boy.