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Hair-flipping female secret service agent an instant hit with Kenyans – VIDEO

The female secret service agent who opened the door for US President Barack Obama’s sister, Auma Obama, has become an instant Internet hit and source of inspiration for women in Kenya.

The unidentified woman held onto the heavily fortified door as President Obama exchanged pleasantries with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta while Ms Auma waited.

But what happened next sent Kenyans on social media wild. When Obama boarded the ‘Beast’, the no-nonsense agent swiftly swung the door open, let Ms Auma in, shut the door and turned her back to the ‘Beast’. She then adjusted her well-fitting dark blue suit, flipped her long hair and stood in position.


Not a single moment did she appear to be distracted from her focus – that of keeping the US president safe.

On Twitter, Joseph ndech said: “This no nonsense woman has inspired me. A very dedicated secret service agent #ObamaReturns.”

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo JR tweeted: “Secret service lady guarding the beast made my evening #ObamaReturns.”

Joel Muinde ‏commented: “The girl from that series #HomelandSecurity comes to mind” while Betty Waitherero added: “Mazeee Obama rolls with female secret service agents.. I just LOVE IT!”