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Haji blasts Kenyans for ‘wasting’ billions of stolen money instead of investing it

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin Haji has blamed Kenyans for wasting billions of shillings they steal from public coffers, instead of investing the same.

In a recent TV interview, Haji explained the frustration his office goes through in the line of duty.

Haji also lamented the squandered cash, saying “there is nothing to recover” from corruption suspects.


“As a country, we are very wealthy, but unfortunately a lot of it is being wasted,” Haji said on Citizen TV’s weekly show JKL.

“I’m not trying to justify stealing, but even when they do it (steal), the money is not properly utilised, like (in) some of the cases we are trying to recover. There isn’t much to recover because people have wasted it in ventures that are not viable,” said Haji.

And in an unprecedented move, Haji also profiled the corruption cases he is handling by tribe.

This as he sought to counter allegation by some political leaders that the fight against corruption was only targeting specific tribes.