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Haki Africa blames govt on plight of Kenyans in Saudi Arabia

Haki Africa, a human rights organization, has blamed the government for ignoring the plight of Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia.

Salima Macharia, The organization’s program assistant, told Nairobi News the Kenyan Embassy in Saudi Arabia had been ignoring Kenyans who either report complaints or claim to be stranded in the Asian country.

In one such case, the family of Mary Wanjiru Mbugua, claims she Nairobi for Riyadh in February via a registered agent but she has since been receiving threats and mistreatment from her employer.

“Wanjiru told us through the phone that she has not been receiving her salary since she was employed as a house help. She said she has unsuccessfully waited for the longest period for the Kenyan Embassy in Saudi Arabia to help her return home,” claimed Leah Wambui, sister to Wanjiru.

Another affected family is that of Brandy Wakulele Lokuu who is said to be stranded in Saudi Arabia after leaving left the country on November, 25, 2019.

Her family claims their daughter is overworked and being subjected to inhumane treatment.

These reports come a week after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended a temporary ban on recruitment and export of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia until adequate protection measures are put in place.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau told MPs he had asked the Labor Ministry in July to impose a temporary blockade.