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Hakuna deni: DP Ruto finally responds to vernacular song – VIDEO

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday waded into the hot potato debate rocking Jubilee Party over a perceived debt owed to him.

Mr Ruto said that he owes no man anything and that leaders should stop the debate over a perceived ‘political debt’.

Relations in Jubilee Party turned sour in March following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s handshake with Nasa leader Raila Odinga that sparked uproar among Mr Ruto’s supporters who felt betrayed.

Soon after, a vernacular song titled ‘Hakuna deni‘ (We are in nobody’s debt) that purports of broken ranks between Central Kenya and the Rift Valley was released and quickly gained popularity.


The song intimates that there is no ‘political debt’ to pay to DP Ruto as he seeks to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

But speaking at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi on Sunday, Mr Ruto said that the only debt that leaders have is ensuring that their commitment, pledges and plans for Kenya succeed.

“That is the debt that we have,” he said.

“I know there has been a debate of who owes who what. But I want to remind leaders that in Romans 13:8, it says that owe no man nothing except the debt of love for one another.”


Mr Ruto said the only debt that should be owed to anyone in Kenya is that of love and nothing else.

“No person or community in Kenya owes anybody anything including myself, the only thing we owe ourselves is the debt of love,” he said.