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Hakuna kazi! Youth don’t care about politics, create own jobs – Research

Recent research reveals that Kenyan youths are more concerned about the lack of employment opportunities and high levels of corruption and care little for matters surrounding politics.

According to the 2022 African Youth Survey, eight in ten Kenyans between 18-24 are dissatisfied with job creation efforts.

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Notably, if given the opportunity, nearly nine-in-ten young Kenyans expressed interest in starting their own business, a finding also higher than the trend line across African countries surveyed.

This is in line with Kenyan TikTokers, who spend hours going live on the social app to make money.

They either sell their products during the live sessions or create content to encourage online gifters to send them gifts that can be converted into money.

“Our data shows that Kenya tops the list for the country with the highest levels of young people, no less than 90 percent, who want to start their own businesses.”

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The findings suggest a uniquely entrepreneurial sentiment shared throughout the third-largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest demographic, given that 70 percent of Kenya’s population is below 30 years of age.

Kenyan youths also stood out from the African average polled, as 39 percent suggest that their government must do more to combat corruption.

The survey’s finding underscores this pronounced call to action voiced by Kenyan youth to their leadership, that young Kenyans are more likely than their African counterparts to say that their voice matters in public life.

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85 percent of respondents suggest that their voice matters to their country’s leaders, as opposed to the 66 percent who say the same on average in the other countries sampled in the poll.

More strikingly still, half of the Kenyan respondents say that political leaders are negative drivers of change in their country, as opposed to 32% on average – an 18-point distinction, suggesting frustration with the political leadership on the whole.

“This highlights the overwhelming opportunity presented to the country’s new leadership to engage Kenya’s young people; to listen to their wants, hopes, and dreams; to spark them into action, and to activate the agency of youth across the country,” stated the report.

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