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Half-naked pastor busted planting ‘witchcraft pieces’ in exorcism scam – VIDEO

A preacher was on Tuesday caught in a village in Kitui planting ‘witchcraft paraphernalia’ in a congregant’s home which he was to later visit on an exorcism mission.

Villagers say Kyalo Kavali is a preacher renowned for his powerful sermons denouncing witchcraft.

The preacher at was caught half-naked while planting an animal’s skull, a woman’s undergarments and human hair at a congregant’s home.

During interrogation, he confessed that it was part of a money-minting scam that will see him paid heftily for ‘locating witchcraft paraphernalia planted in homes’.

He plants the pieces himself and later comes to pray for the family before exhuming what he had buried.

“I usually go and bury at least three them in their compounds then I will go and pray for them before I dig them out and get paid,” said Kavali.

The area Chief came to his rescue as angry residents bayed for his blood.

He was allowed to dress before being taken to the police station.