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Hamisa Mobetto: I’ve not had a facelift

By Sinda Matiko September 16th, 2023 2 min read

Tanzanian socialite and entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto has denied claims of undergoing a facelift procedure to enhance her looks.

Hamisa is known for her flawless face and striking pulchritude and there have been claims that the former model had a facelift.

Hamisa, who has more than 10.5 million followers, addressed the matter while fielding questions from her fans in a recent Instagram live session that lasted 30 minutes.

“On the issue of having undergone a facelift, the fact is, I have never undertaken any kind of a facial procedure. My face is as it has been since I was born. I have never had a face job to enhance my looks,” Hamisa said.

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She also revealed why she doesn’t spot a tattoo, as many celebrities do.

“I don’t have any tattoos on my body, not a single one. I just don’t fancy them. However, I fancy seeing them on other people’s skins but not mine,” she said.

It has also been widely claimed by Tanzanian blogs that Hamisa also had a butt enhancement procedure. However, Hamisa fell short of addressing these claims.

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In recent days, Hamisa has been trending since going public with her new Togolese lover identified as Kevin.

The two have been serving couple vibes on social media while documenting their extravagant escapades.

One fan sought to know if the socialite is considering expanding her brood with her new lover.

“Yes, I would love to have more children, if God blesses me I would love to be a mother of five or seven but not in the near future, probably three years from now,” she said.

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