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Hamisa Mobetto removes Diamond’s name from son’s social media pages

Tanzanian socialite and entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto has taken a step to distance her son from the ongoing speculations surrounding his paternity by editing his social media name, removing references to Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz.

Mobetto, a mother of two, shares a son, Dylan Abdul, and a daughter, Fantasy Francis, with two different partners.

While there has been widespread speculation about Dylan’s paternity, it’s widely believed that he was conceived during Diamond Platnumz’s relationship with Zari Hassan.

The news of Mobetto’s pregnancy with Dylan brought her relationship with Diamond into the spotlight.

Initially, Diamond had considered Hamisa Mobetto as an extramarital affair.

However, after Mobetto publicly revealed Diamond as the father of her child, the truth about their relationship became undeniable.

Despite the controversy, Mobetto had previously chosen to name her son Naseeb, after Diamond.

In December 2022, Diamond neither confirmed nor denied being Dylan’s biological father.

He emphasised that only Hamisa knows the truth about Dylan’s paternity.

“I don’t want to judge the child because he is an angel. Sometimes, situations like these can deprive a child of their basic rights. I’ve been hearing these rumors for a long time, but the mother always knows who the father of the child is,” Diamond said during an interview.

(Sitaki kumuhukumu mtoto kwasababu ni malaika. Na muda mwengine vitu kama hivi vinaweza kumkosesha mtoto haki zake za msingi. Hizi Habari nimeanza kuzisikia kitambo sana lakini siku zote mama ndie anaejua baba wa mtoto.)

This decision was met with mixed reactions and garnered significant criticism from the public.

Reports also surfaced indicating that Diamond had been reluctant to acknowledge Dylan as his son.

He had reportedly asked for a second DNA to ascertain the paternity of Hamisa’s son.

Following this, Hamisa Mobetto has decided to change her son’s social media name to Dylan Mobetto, moving away from Diamond’s surname.

However, Mobetto chose to retain her daughter’s name, Fantasy Francis, maintaining her connection to her father, Majito Francis.

In a recent interview with Tanzanian bloggers, Mobetto’s mother, Shufaa Lutigunga was asked about the name change.

She responded, “That question should be answered by Hamisa… Back when we were having kids, there was no Instagram, but I believe these are normal things… She will respond to such questions perfectly. Also, time will tell,” she said.

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