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Hamisa Mobetto ‘under pressure’ over relationship with Kevin Sowax

Tanzanian socialite, Hamisa Mobetto has opened up about the pressure she’s facing to tie the knot with her new beau, Kevin Sowax.

The couple’s relationship has been shrouded in curiosity, as they seem to be taking a more private approach to their romance.

Unlike previous visits, Kevin’s recent trip to Tanzania went unnoticed by the media and lacked the usual fanfare. This unusual discretion raised questions among fans and the public.

On September 28, 2023, Hamisa remained tight-lipped about Kevin’s private visit, choosing not to publicize it. When asked if there were any issues between them, she denied it, asserting, “I will share the pictures of him leaving.”

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Hamisa candidly shared her emotional state upon Kevin’s departure, saying, “Nilikuwa na huzuni alipoondoka. I was so sad so I didn’t share. I was lonely when he left.” This admission suggests that there might be deeper emotions at play in their relationship.

While Hamisa is known for her vibrant social life, her family’s wishes for her happiness have not gone unnoticed. In response to the mounting pressure to get married, Hamisa stated, “I have never felt the rush to get married. It is all in God’s plan, all in his time. Marriage is sacred, and that is why I have been waiting. I have chosen to focus on my business so that when I meet my future husband, he finds a woman who has something to put on the table.”

Hamisa, a mother of two, has been fervently praying for the right man to enter her life and remains patient in her journey to manifest a loving relationship. She added, “All in God’s time, whatever he has planned for me. Ikitokea Inshallah, ni jambo la heri.”

These revelations came to light during a birthday celebration for her close friend Wema Sepatu on Thursday, September 28, further highlighting the personal aspects of her life that she is willing to share with the public.

Hamisa also revealed that her mother plays a significant role in her pursuit of marriage. She praised Kevin for his respectful gesture of sending representatives to meet her mother before his personal visit, stating, “My lover has already officially met her, he came and did what he had to do.”

Hamisa Mobetto’s relationship with Kevin Sowax has piqued public interest due to its private nature. Hamisa remains committed to her belief in divine timing when it comes to marriage, all while feeling the support of her family and friends, including her mother’s prayers. As their relationship develops, fans and well-wishers will be eager to see what the future holds for this couple, who continue to navigate the pressures of romance in the public eye.