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Hamisa Mobetto’s beau Kevin Sowax unveils details of their romance

Kevin Sowax, the partner of Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto, has shed light on the intricacies of their romantic relationship.

The couple’s affectionate connection has garnered attention, with Sowax recently sharing insights into their journey together.

Sowax, who is currently in Tanzania, and Hamisa have been seen enjoying each other’s company at various outings, including a lively club experience.

The union’s warmth was palpable as Hamisa greeted Sowax at Julius Nyerere International Airport with flowers, followed by an affectionate hug and kiss.

Sowax openly discussed his relationship with Hamisa, stating he was there for Hamisa.

When asked about whether he had formalized their relationship with dowry, Sowax initially confirmed it with a simple “It’s true,” only to later amend his response, stating, “the matter is between me and Hamisa.”

As for the topic of marriage, Sowax expressed optimism.

“Hopefully, because we don’t know what God is planning for us but hopefully. God knows the end but I wish we go everywhere together to the end.”

The couple initially crossed paths at a private event in China about four months ago. Reflecting on their first encounter, Sowax shared, “It was four months ago. As soon as I saw her, I was down.”

Sowax revealed that he was initially unaware of Hamisa’s celebrity status when they began dating.

“I did not know. I swear I didn’t know. For me, it doesn’t change anything. It took me like four days to know that she is a superstar,” he said.

With the couple’s bond strengthening over the months, Sowax is set to meet Hamisa’s children for the first time.

Despite having engaged in video calls, this in-person introduction marks a significant step in their relationship.

Sowax, who currently doesn’t have children of his own, expressed eagerness for parenthood.

“Its gonna be the first time, yes, but we’ve spoken on video call once. I can’t wait to have kids of my own.”

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