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Hamisa now says Diamond Platnumz was a bad omen

By THOMAS MATIKO October 30th, 2018 1 min read

Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto claims being in a relationship with musician Diamond Platinumz was a source of bad luck in her life.

Mobetto, who once confessed that she wouldn’t wish to be married by any other man except Diamond, broke up with the musician after he accused her of using witchcraft to lure him into marriage.

Since then, the have been co-parenting their son, Dalian.

Hamisa has been busy landing huge endorsement deals from various corporates in Tanzania, as well as hosting gigs including a recent one at Safari club in Houston, Texas.

Due to her rising fortunes, she now claims her relationship with Diamond was a bad omen, because she never used to land such opportunities while they were together.

“Unajua sasa hivi ninapata madili mengi hadi mimi mwenyewe nashangaa baraka zote hizi zilikuwa wapi tangu mwanzo mbona nilikuwa sipati. Yaani utadhani nilikuwa na mtu ambaye alikuwa ananipa gundu lakini sasa baada ya kumkwepa ndiyo gundu limenitoka” Hamisa was quoted in a recent interview.

Hamisa has gifted herself with a Toyota Vanguard a few days ago.

An excited Hamisa took to her Instagram to flaunt the car with a photo and caption “Bought myself a car’

For the longest time, Hamisa had been cruising in a Toyota Rav4 which her baby daddy Diamond bought her during pregnancy.