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Happy sunset awaits Mugabe with Sh1billion ‘golden handshake’

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 26th, 2017 1 min read

Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and his immediate family have reportedly earned themselves a hefty retirement package after his resignation.

According to reports in the British paper, The Guardian, an agreement reached during days of negotiations leading to the 93-year-old’s resignation guaranteed him a retirement payoff totaling $10 million (Sh1.03 billion).

Half of that amount will be paid upfront, with the rest said to be staggered in installments over the coming month.

The State will also pay for their medical care, domestic staff, security and foreign travel.


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The Guardian has also reported that Mugabe will still be paid his annual $150,000 (Sh15.5 million) salary for the rest of his life, while his wife Grace, 52, will be entitled to half of that amount each year for the rest of her life.

In addition, the former Head of State has been granted immunity from prosecution and a guarantee that no action will be taken against his family’s extensive business interests.

The Mugabe family now look set to retire to a quiet life away from public at their luxurious Blue Roof home in Harare.

All these payments will be made even after Mugabe’s 37 years misrule left the Southern Africa country with a worthless currency, in massive debt and with an impoverished population.

The country’s infrastructure has also taken a beating with rutted roads and sparse distribution of electricity in the rural areas.