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Hard questions Kenyans want Maraga to answer

Kenyans on Twitter spent the better part of Friday morning putting Chief Justice David Maraga on the spotlight in regards to the state of the country’s judicial system.

The hashtag #SomeoneTellMaraga was among the top trends on social media as Kenyans took the opportunity to highlight some of the evils plaguing the country due to corrupt leaders and systems.

Here are some of the sentiments that were directed at the Chief Justice:

#SomeoneTellMaraga It’s your time to offer justice to the poor, who have No resources to win their cases in courts. It’s your time once again to change the perception we have on the judiciary,” said MachiekaEnock.

#SomeoneTellMaraga that judiciary is a safe home to corrupt politicians in the name of ANTICIPATORY BAIL,” tweeted ichieyo.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice #SomeoneTellMaraga,” wrote Duke_Moseti.


#SomeoneTellMaraga that the courts are still shackled in corruption and immeasurable ineptitude. Bad. Justice is hardly a common man’s portion,” said Lawrence Omondi.

#SomeoneTellMaraga so people are attacking chief justice Maraga for not doing someone else’s job… strange times,” commented Steve Okora.

#SomeoneTellMaraga CJ David maraga should change strategy to fight corruption, these thieves should eliminated from public service,” remarked Emmanuel Kilonzo.

“The judiciary should get their money but they should also do their part in return & jail all the big fish in corruption. Kenyans need to see their money’s worth,” tweeted Founding Father.

#SomeoneTellMaraga …the poor citizens do not enjoy the same as the rich when justice is delivered,” said Abdi Kenya.

“That Kenya has more serious development issues including the BIG 4 AGENDA & we’ve no time for cries from judiciary that jails Chicken thieves and Cat meat butchers leaving the Corrupt walk free,” said Joshua Thirinja.