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Hardware attendant hits Sh10m jackpot in Zindua Chapaa promotion

When Veronicah Jepkorir woke up on Monday morning, she was an ordinary Nairobi hustler struggling to make ends meet with a meager monthly salary of Sh10,000.

But by midday, the 26-year-old was a millionaire after pocketing Sh10 million in the Zindua Chapaa Promotion!

It all started at 11am when she received a life-changing phone call while busy at work, at a hardware shop in Embakasi, where she has worked for the last one year.

She just had poured herself a cup of tea when she received a call from an unknown number.

The lady caller on the other end first enquired if she had been participating in the Zindua Chapaa competition, to which Jepkorir answered in the affirmative.

“So much was going through my mind at that moment, when the caller told me I had won Sh10 million. I was overjoyed, and when I dropped my cup of tea my colleague thought I had gone mad,” says the lady from Kabarasel village in Baringo County.

She says she been an active participant, playing at night and even redeeming Bonga Points to play.


Veronicah who comes from a humble background is thankful to God for her fortune.

“My parents are peasants, who earn a living from rearing livestock and small scale farming,” she the mother of a six-year-old boy.

Veronicah’s first job in Nairobi was as a house help earning Sh3,500 per month. She later left the job to work in a hardware as an attendant.

But even as her life has now changed for the better she seems not to have come round to the value of money she has won; she is not sure whether she will quit her job just yet.

“My employer has been good to me, he has treated well and I feel like his first born. It will be hard for me to quit the job just because I have won this money,” says the second born in a family of seven.

Asked what she intends to use the money for, Jepkorir says she has to consult with her husband Benson Kiptui who has supported her with airtime and answering questions for the promotion. She is, however, considering building rental houses.

Veronicah is the first winner of the Zindua Chapaa Sh10 million draw; another Sh10 million winner will be announced in June, with the grand winner taking home Sh50 million at the end of promotion which will run until the end of July.