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Harmonize apologises for controversial remarks about God being a woman

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has apologised to both the Muslim and Christian communities after making comments that sparked controversy among his followers.

During a recent live session, the Konde Gang boss defended his earlier comments about referring to God as a woman, which had sparked mixed reactions on social media.

“I am also praying for the leaders of my religion to forgive me for any wrong I have done. God is full of mercy and he will forgive me. I have a reason why I said God is a woman; it is because women have been gracious in my life,” Harmonize said during the live session on April 21.

While acknowledging his Islamic faith and his imperfections, he stressed the role women have played in his success and the impact they can have on the world.

“I may have gone overboard, but it’s just a way of appreciating women. God knows what I meant, so I am sure He has forgiven me,” he added.

He also admitted that as a public figure, he makes mistakes.

“I make mistakes all the time, but I also speak the truth. It’s important for us to forgive each other and learn from our mistakes,” Harmonize said.

The controversy began on April 11 when Harmonize took to social media to share his belief that God could be a woman, stating:

“It took me 30 years to come to the conclusion that God could actually be a woman.”

Despite being familiar with religious scriptures that warn against comparing God to anything else, the Never Give Up hitmaker went on to highlight the significant contributions of women.

“We call Him God the Father,” he said, adding, “A woman is a man and a half. From today, I will not compare myself to a woman or see myself as better than any woman in the world”.

Harmonize has also promised to do another live session highlighting women who have influenced his musical success.