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Harmonize – Kajala’s teen daughter Paula seduced me first!

Tanzanian sensation Harmonize has come forward with startling claims, alleging that it was actually Paula, the daughter of Fridah Kajala, who initiated romantic overtures towards him.

Addressing the controversial affair with Paula, Harmonize explained his decision to maintain silence in order to safeguard Kajala’s reputation.

However, owing to Kajala’s ongoing disrespectful behavior towards him, Harmonize felt compelled to speak about the untold story.

According to Harmonize, Paula made advances toward him back in 2017, when she was still a student and he was not involved with her mother at the time.

The “Single” hitmaker detailed that Paula’s interest in him was facilitated through her stepbrother, who acted as the matchmaker between the two.

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“Honestly, she doesn’t hate me. In 2017, she reached out through her stepbrother, Pol, who told me, ‘My sister wants to talk to you!’ This is her Instagram, let me help you. She’s been on Instagram since 2017; my buddies and I know. You know, she started university just two years ago.”

Harmonize continued, “I spoke to her, got her number, and, to be honest, I didn’t take it too seriously, given her young age. Besides, she was still in school. But after two years, she came back from school and found that our affection had deepened. I took care of her, provided everything she desired, just like I would for my own daughter.”

For an extended period of time, Harmonize says he chose to bear the blame and remain tight-lipped, refraining from divulging any details to preserve the dignity of someone he had a connection with.

However, as Kajala continued to demean him and tarnish his image, he reached a point where he felt it necessary to clarify the situation.

“Because she has chosen to humiliate me and paint me in a negative light, it’s not enough for her to label me as crazy. Now let me share my ‘craziness’! She should talk to her daughter and understand why she despises me so much, as she claims (‘I hate him!’)”

Harmonize has dated both, Kajala and her daughter Paula.

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