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Harmonize: My ex wanted to sleep with Diamond

Bongo Flava artiste Harmonize’s breakup with Jacqueline Wolper is still causing commotion three years on.

This follows recent claims by the singer, real name is Rajab Abdul Kahali, that he was forced to end the relationship after realizing the Italian woman made intimate overtures to his colleague and friend Diamond Platnumz.

“Speaking from my heart, and I have never told anyone, she told Diamond kwamba I will give you a son. She even told Diamond that I am just hanging out with Harmonize so that I can get closer to you. Diamond was shattered, he had to take alcohol in order to share this information,” claimed Harmonize, in an interview with the Tanzanian media.

Harmonize in a gym with his Italian bae. PHOTO | SCREENSHOTS

Not done, Harmonize also suggests his ex was ungrateful for going to stab him behind his back when she had invested in buying her a car and also giving her Tsh30 million (about Sh1.3 million) to boost her businesses.

To her credit, Jacqueline has so far refused to directly comment on these allegations.

She only recently posted a message on her social media pages suggesting critics and gossip only makes her a stronger person.