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Harmonize puts up billboard begging ex Kajala to take him back

Tanzanian bongo star Harmonize has erected a billboard featuring his ex-Farida Kajala begging her to come back.

The singer took his attempts to get back his ex-lover to a whole other level after he made a billboard display of a photo together with Kajala all cuddled up.

Netizens have found this rather romantic, with many speculating if the singer will be successful at winning her over following their ugly breakup.

It hasn’t been long since the bongo star called it quits with his recent Australian ex-girlfriend Brianna, and he started begging Kajala to take him back. Not done, the singer took his simping theatrics to social media.

The singer took to Instagram stories and went all out in expressing his remorse for having wronged his ex-lover while begging her to give him another chance.

He recently shared a photo of him holding a bouquet of red roses professing his love for Frida captioning it; “Love you Frida, take me back.”

Again, the singer promised to be a good father-in-law to singer Rayvanny who is dating Kajala’s daughter Paula.

“We will be traveling every day and have a happy life. Everyone will be jealous. Imagine Vanny boy (Rayvanny) will be my son and no one will play with his music and career again. Pray for me, pray for her to come back,” he wrote.


The Bongo singer further claimed that his life and career will see great improvement with Frida’s presence in it.

“Me getting back to Queen Frida is so important even for the game. Just imagine I am going to make her my manager since she has a wider vision and has been through it all in life. It is clear that she will be thinking about our future only and no money will be wasted,” Harmonize wrote on his Instagram stories.

Last year in April, Harmonize confirmed their fall-out with Kajala after he was alleged to be cheating on her with their daughter Paula Kajala. It’s also important to note that their love was so palpable that they had tattoos of each other’s names. Kajala, however, shortly after their break up covered the artist’s name with a rose.

Harmonize, on the other hand, was quick to move on as barely three months after his bitter break up with the renowned actress he introduced his new girlfriend to the world. Taking to his Instagram, the happy birthday hitmaker declared his undying love for his new lover and promised to be with her forever.