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Harmonize to introduce new manager on Christmas day

By Freya Wanjiku December 15th, 2022 1 min read

Tanzanian musician Harmonize appears to have moved on fast from his split with estranged lover Frida Kajala.

So much so that he has promised to unveil his new manager on Christmas day at an event dubbed Harmo night.

Kajala has been managing Harmonoize’s Konde Music Worldwide music label since the two reunited in July 2021 following an earlier split.

However, in a twist and turn of events especially after their nasty break up, Kajala who’d changed her social media bio to indicate she was the musician’s wife and manager deleted that part.

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On the other hand, Harmonize through his Instagram stories said, “Woow!! 25 Surprise artists + New manager. Don’t miss this big night in the game @harmonight2022. Tickets out tomorrow.”

Besides unfollowing each other on social media, Harmonize and Kajala have been squabbling over the ownership of high-end cars.

He’d gifted her two new Range Rovers complete with personalized registration numbers as part of his apology for an earlier breakup.

The Aiyola hitmaker not only also erected a billboard that read his apology message but also tattoed himself with Kajala’s face.

With the duo reuniting and Kajala forgiving him, he popped the question in a glamorous invite-only event.

However, it is alleged that Harmonize impregnated another lady while engaged to Kajala forcing the latter calling it quits.

According to Wasafi Media presenter Diva tha Bause, Harmonize was caught red-handed with the lady he is accused of impregnating.

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